Starting my journey as a vegitarian

Crate full of fresh organic produce from the farmers market

So this isn’t my first go at the vegitarian lifestyle. Before I got pregnant with my daughter I was actually a vegan, but complications with the pregnancy forced me to change my entire lifestyle.  But tomorrow I am going to begin my vegitarian diet.  Because of the complications with my pregnancy I am having my gallbladder removed and have also developed a liver disease.  So Changing my diet is a huge factor for my health right now.

Taking the first steps 

when deciding to make a change like this you can’t just jump all into it. Research research research! 

Pinterest is my most valuable tool! Before you make this choice do a little browsing, for recipes and meal plans to get an idea of where to start.


I cannot express how important meal prepping is.  I have a 4 month old, and I’m a waitress so I work some nights some days. May I add my s/o is not a vegitarian.  Meal prepping makes everything easier.

1. Make 2-3 different meals.

2. Only prep for 3 days at a time.

Prepping makes it easy when your on the go you don’t have to worry about one less thing before running out the door.  Always bring them to work with you. Especially in the food business. I don’t always have time to sit down and eat so instead of picking at junk I can pick at this when I have time.

Keeping food fresh.  I mentioned earlier to only prep 3 days at a time.  Fruits and vegetables don’t last that long!!! One thing about this diet is the constant trips to the market. Only prepping for 3-4 days at a time ensures that’s they stay fresh and nothing goes to waste.

Make a list.  When you go to the market always have a list! Know what your getting before you go! And stick to your list , no browsing your there for what you need only.



WILL POWER.  This diet is something you have to be serious about.  Not incorpering meat into your diet isn’t easy.  It takes motivation, determination, and will power.  Like I said in the beginning research is your best tool.  Buy a cookbook try new things.  Don’t be afraid to try new things new combinations.

Hope I could help


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