$1 Welcome Box On Disney Movie Club!

Hey everyone! So a few weeks ago I used what Swagbucks and signed up for Disney Movie Club! Keep reading to see all the awesome stuff I got for $1! Disney Movie Club

Signing up

Ok so I signed up with my Swagbucks account and paid $1 for 4 movies, a welcome kit, and free shipping ! On top of that I got $5 back from Swagbucks (so I made $4 profit off of this offer!)! I found this to be extremely worth the money! Sign up today and get 5 movies for $1

*** for more info about special offers, deals, and perks that come with being a club member, scroll to the end of the article.

My Welcome Box

My $1 Welcome Kit Included: 4 DVDs:

  1. THOR Ragnarok
  2. Guardians of the Galaxy 2
  3. Pirates of the Caribbean- Dead men tell no Tales.
  4. Big Hero 6
  • Also included:
  • Referral Guide
  • Membership Guide
  • This Months Movie Deals (with special member offers)
  • A Free Offer Code for Disney Movie Rewards (points towards FREE Disney movies)
  • **each DVD also includes a DMR code
  • And last but not least I recieved a limited edition Alice in Wonderland through the Looking Glass Lithograph!
  • Too Good to be True?

    Now I know what your thinking how much a month am I gonna have to dish out in membership fees? NONE! BUT If you do not log into your account, they will charge you and send you a “featured” movie, which will count towards your membership fee. It’s not totally free, but this is the most lenient and reasonable membership ever!

    The Catch? You have to buy at least 5 movies within 2 YEARS!!! I don’t know about you, but I buy at least 5 movies every 6 months. The average movie is about $19.95 BUT you also get a 40% discount for being a club member. SOOO, your really only paying $11.97 for the newest movies available which is lower than any store around!! So for me THERE IS NO CATCH. Why? Because I’m getting an Amazing deal on movies that I was probably going to buy anyway! (Yes you have to pay the $3.95 shipping which, where I live anyway, is 1-gallon of gas, so I mean comon).


    Ok so I’m not going to explain all of these to death, but here are other ways to make the most of your membership:

      Free offer codes for Disney Movie rewards (100% free no cc req) they come in the monthly mail catalog, and in every movie you receive from Disney Movie Club
      Two free movies when you refer a friend when you Refer a Friend they will get 5 movies for $1 plus free shipping AND you’ll get 2 free movies for referring them!
      40% Discount on all movies
      Limited edition lithographs

    And there’s so many more ways to earn with your membership.

    Try it for $1 today

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