DIY Birthday Card

Did you forget a Birthday or Special Occasion? Feeling a little crafty? Or maybe your just sick of paying This DIY will cost you N O T H I N G out of pocket!

What you Need

  1. Old Gift Bags (or wrapping paper).

  2. Colored Paper

  3. Double sided Tape ( or any tape you have on hand).

  4. Glue

  5. Thin Cardboard (or cardstock)

  6. Scissors

  7. CR E A T I V I T Y

  • Now if your lacking a little Imagination and Creativity, you can always check Pinterest for home made card ideas.
  • Here are some of my Favorite DIY Card Boards:
  • My grandmother texted me today and reminded me that it’s my Grandfathers Birthday is tomorrow! Oh no! Of course I forgot, so me and baby Mia have to get to work ! Keep reading to see what I used to make my card!
  • Cover Made with Old Gift Bags

    Inside, Balloons Cut from Scrap Paper & some String; Candles made from Scrap Wrapping Paper & String.

  • * | Paper Candles | Scrap Paper Balloons | *
  • I went digging through my old gift bags and wahla! Of course it’s not a $10 fancy fancy card, but it was made from the heart ❤️ and any family member would love it!!
  • How I Did It

  • For the Card base, I used a thin gift box. Happy Birthday and the 55 were cut from old gift bags. For the background and the Balloons I used some neon scrap paper, and some sewing String. For the Candles I rolled some gold wrapping paper and used some white String for the “wick”. It’s not “professional” but me and my 9 Month old daughter sat and did this for about an hour! So if you put a little work into it and some creativity you can make some awesome cards that your Loved ones will LOVE!
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