How I Make $25/week with Swagbucks!

Get Your Swag on! 


Hey everyone! Krazymommy here! So a lot of people are looking to make money online. I’ve tried out a TON of sites and have really only had success with one. Swagbucks is by far my one and only go to for making extra money. Swagbucks DOES NOT REQUIRE PAYMENT TO SIGN UP, there is no credit card required just your email and basic info! First off, Swagbucks has its own currency, Swagbucks (hence the name lol). So $1=100 SB. I know, I know, your thinking that’s a lot right? I thought that too but once you get started you’ll see that it is very easy to reach 500 SB ($5). Now the lowest gift card that you can redeem is 300 SB ($3), and the lowest amount to get cash (through paypal) is 2,500 SB ($25). They have a wide range of gift cards to choose from restaurants, to stores, to eBay. Let’s get into some of the ways you can make money off Swagbucks. Click here to Start Making Money Today!

Ways to Make Money With Swagbucks  


Now I know what your thinking, ugh surveys, but these are usually pretty good. Most of the surveys on my page are directly targeted to me. Answer your profile questions honestly and often and you’ll have a better chance of success. And my favorite part about Swag surveys is that if you don’t qualify they still give you 1 SB for trying. (This is where I make the majority of my money).


If you regularly shop online, then you can make money just by going through your Swagbucks account. I’m not much of an online shopper but I have used this feature with success. Example: 51D61994-02BC-485D-9CD7-056F4CB534FA

I buy a lot of household items (toilet paper, cleaning supplies etc) on and usually it’s about 1% cash back for every dollar you spend. (As you can see I currently have a deal of 8% per $1). This is a great way to make money on things you were already going to buy. Why not make some extra cash doing something you were already going to do?


This doesn’t work for everyone, but I personally have had some good luck with this option. So with referrals you make money when your friends make money, you make 10% of their earnings. So for every 500 SB you’ll make 50SB. Also they often run promotions on referrals:2CFCE9E9-0583-4618-B0C9-C318DEE49C59

For instance, right now for every friend that I refer, when they sign up I get 300 SB! Here’s my link if you want to start making money now! Click Here to Start Making Money Today!


Offers are well, offers. Different companies will reward you in SB’s for signing up for their products, or buying their products. Now NOT ALL, but most of these DO require a payment method. From experience I have made money off of these. I signed up for the Dollar Shave Club and was rewarded 3,500 SB for spending $5 of my money. 358FC3D1-63B5-4790-B2B9-FFD168F3D0BE


This feature doesn’t pay out the most but it’s the EASIEST way you could ever make money. All you have to do is watch a series of videos and once you complete the series you’ll get      1-5 SB34CDB9F8-1193-4FC0-BB0B-A80016C09815

They have many different selections of videos to choose from. It’s a great option for when your waiting for new surveys or offers. As I said it doesn’t have the best payout, but it all adds up!

So, What do You Think? 

So those mentioned above are just a few of the Many ways you can make money using Swagbucks. It’s easy, you can do it anywhere, anytime, and soon you’ll be making money! Once you get to your first 500 SB that will give you all the motivation you need to start earning money fast! Start your Account for FREE now!

Below are rewards that I cashed in, and YES I really RECIEVED the rewards shown.

In TWO MONTHS (just a few hours a week) I cashed in $30 in Walmart gift cards, and a $10 VISA card.  $40 in two months !!!!  


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