Making the Perfect Grocery List to Save you Money

Hello again everyone!

Does anyone else HATE grocery shopping? It used to be one of my least favorite errands, but with a little organization and planning I’ve learned how to shop for a family of 6 with no trouble at all! Keep reading to see my planning methods.

The List

The number one key to any successful shopping trip is THE LIST. Without it, your going to forget everything, but things you don’t need, and get off track in general. My steps to the perfect list:

  • Write every single thing you need down. Ask yourself, do I absolutely need all these things?
  • Write down how many of each item you need. There is nothing worse than getting there and buying a whole bunch of something to get home and find you already have a bunch.
  • Organize your list by Category. This for me is particularly helpful. Organizing my list into categories makes it easy so when you get to a particular section of the market, you can clearly see everything your going to need. (It makes it harder to browse if your focused on your list).

*** I see many people make a list and not follow it, it’s important to have a neat, organized list so you don’t get confused or forget anything. What’s worse than walking down the aisle and having to go through your entire list 3x to make sure you’ve got everything?

  • Be Detailed (Coupons/Deals) These days everyone’s looking to save money, wether it be coupons or a money saving app. If I have a coupons for say, $1.00 off 10 Yoplait Yogurts, On my list I mark that I have a coupons and that I need to buy 10 to use it. I also include the brand (if I plan on buying a specific one). I use Ibotta which is an app that lets you upload your receipts and get money back for your purchases. Join Ibotta Today and Start Saving!
  • STICK TO YOUR LIST!!!! You spent all that time and work making this list! You better stick to it

Follow your list, section by section. When your focused on your list your less likely to browse because you already know exactly what you need. Don’t get frustrated, make it work for you, and each time will get easier!

8 thoughts on “Making the Perfect Grocery List to Save you Money

  1. Sarah says:

    Great tips!! I literally just started doing all of this a couple months ago and it really works! Sticking to the list is the most important part, for sure.


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