My Pregnancy Photos Start, to Finish.

Hello everyone, this post is just a showing of my pregnancy photos, start to Finish!! Yes I missed a few, but here’s most of them!! Hope you enjoy 😊

12 weeks 💕 my little munchkin, when we found out you were a girl 💝

✨20 weeks 🤰🏼we’re halfway there ! ⏳

22 Weeks 📅

Week 24 it looks like I swallowed a basketball 🏀

26 WEEKS ✨

🍓28 Weeks

30 Weeks and super active!

32 Weeks: My Baby Shower 🌸

33 Weeks! The 3D Ultrasound!

34 Weeks: I think I need a bigger mirror…

35 Weeks: Bigger than the House 🏠!

36 Weeks! Happy Halloween!

I was a scarecrow

Baby was a Pumpkin 🎃 (I call her pumpkin to this day)

Dad was a cheating husband 😂 🔪


Week 39

November 2, 2017

Mia, Grace 💕

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