Our Day at the Zoo

Hello everyone ! Today we took our 10 month old to Roger Williams Park Zoo ! It’s located in Providence, RI, not too far from my home. It’s a nice, quiet place to take any child, or just with a friend!

We went later in the day around 1:00pm after lunch to avoid the rush. And here’s how our day went …

Took the little one a bit to wake up from the ride !

First stop: Zebras 🦓

Next stop: some very lazy Cheetahs 🐆

Elephants : 🐘 just in time for snacks!

Next stop: Tortoises! We came just in time to see both up front! They move faster than I would have expected! 🐢

Pumpkin enjoyed the Tortoises

Deer 🦌, Camels 🐪, and Muntjac

Not a real animal but I thought this was awesome!

Moon Bear ! 🌚 (he was eating)

Next is my Favorite! The Red Panda , these are an endangered species and it was such an honor to see it so active today!

African crowned Crane: he was very interesting! He kept trying to peck at our hands! The baby was loving it!

Last but not least; Our Daughters Favorite , the Flamingo ! These really caught the baby’s eye! I think it’s because they were pink!

Thanks for visiting! 💕 hope you enjoyed!

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5 thoughts on “Our Day at the Zoo

    • Krazymommy18 says:

      Unfortunately she wasn’t very interested in the animals until the end but we really wanted to take her there this summer (mainly because we wanted to go ha ha ) it was fun watching her reactions to all the people


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