Name brands worth the Extra Money

Hello Everyone!

I’m sure at one point or another you’ve seen a post about Generic / store brands being just as good as the name brand. Right? I’ve found a lot of the store bands to live up to their Name Brand versions.

But today I’m here to talk about the Name Brands that are worth that extra money!


  • Dawn Dish Soap: this is the #1 product that everyone should spend that extra dollar on! I have tried every soap you can image, Palmolive, Ajax, store bands, you name it! Dawn is the only soap that I only have to put it on the sponge once! When I’ve bought store brands in the past I felt like I was going through soap like crazy and my dishes were still greasy! It’s defiantly worth the extra money and they ALWAYS have coupons!
  • Febreeze Air Freshener: we have 3 cats, 2 hedgehogs, and a baby. Needless to say sometimes there’s a smell 🤷🏼‍♀️. Febreeze doesn’t just cover it up for 10 min it actually keeps a room fresh for a few hours or more. No brand can compete.


  • Gain Detergent: Gain is by far the best detergent I’ve come across. I compare it with tide (which is just way too expensive). It smells GREAT and gets my clothes super clean!

Bounce Dryer Sheets:

    for a long time I was using store brand dryer sheets. They were cheaper but my laundry was very staticy, and basically zero scent. So I switched over to Bounce and now my laundry smells amazing, and zero 🚫 static!


  • Pampers: so my daughter has very sensitive skin and pampers has proven over and over. Pampers has so many diaper and training pant choices, and they have wipes for sensitive skin. There are always sales, and coupons in the weekly paper. Also their app allows you to earn points for the diapers and wipes you’ve bought, toward coupons or products.

Dove Baby Products:

    My Doctor actually recommended this to me for my daughters sensitive skin and scalp. Their shampoo and body wash is perfect and worth every penny for your child!

I’d love to hear from my followers what brands you think are worth the extra money!

Comment below !

**** I am not promoting any of these brands, this is just simply my opinion on brands that I personally use in my household ****

6 thoughts on “Name brands worth the Extra Money

  1. Jane says:

    Have always used Tide, I wait for the sales or get it at Bj’s. Have never tried again although I know ppl who swear by it and love ❤️ the scent. Plus there are only 2 of us so laundry isn’t what it used to be

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  2. Jane says:

    I have used Dove my entire adult life! Once tried the generic equivalent, it’s ok buy not quite the same so I look for sales and stock up. Bar of soap lasts awhile!
    Can’t beat Dawn! Even the $ store small not concentrated bottles for $1. They don’t last as long for dishes but when making the stain remover ( 1 cup Dawn and 2 cups H2O2) it works great! Will remove almost any stain

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  3. Ssoftpearl says:

    One thing i agree with you in, is the pampers brand. They have proved over and over again to be the best products when it comes to our baby’s bum. Will always love it! Have you tried their most recent pure protect pampers, made from plant based materials? Really very lovely. I do love dove products too but mainly for myself😋

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    • Krazymommy18 says:

      I used dove all my life so when my doctor recommended it to me I was in love. And pampers has so many options and they have great coupons and their rewards program really helps. No I haven’t tried the pure yet, only because the sensitive works perfect for her.


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