Freebie Friday!

Hey guys! So I’d like to start this weekend off with my first Freebie Friday! All the samples I’ve found this week! Enjoy!

*please keep in mind that some of these may have expired, and I’ll be uploading pics as I receive the products!*

  1. Know Better Cookies these are a grain and gluten-free, always low net carb. Sign up and they’ll send you one free cookie.
  2. YSL Black Opium Perfume one free sample per household
  1. Free Case Hat & Grill Giveaway Entry they will send you a free hat and you’ll be entered into their grill-giveaway!
  2. Stevia Sugar Sample ! They’ll send you (a very small) but still free sample! It comes with a cute little scoop too!
  3. Copper Cow Coffee ☕️ who doesn’t love coffee? Get a free sample! Try it out!
  4. Tap n Fresh Wipes 100% Bio-degradable and Sewer Safe wipes !
  5. Free Proven Winners Gardening Book. Looking for ways to improve your garden? Get this free book, they have some for veggies and flowers!
  6. Last on our list today: Applicator Free Tampons , these are a little iffy, but we’re gonna check them out!

Thank you everyone for reading, see you next week with more Friday Freebies!

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