Moms Wear Makeup Too

Hey everyone,

So just a quick post before I head into this Saturday Night shift. The title says it all! Moms wear makeup too! And I didn’t spend a Weeks paycheck to get the look either!

So this is my favorite look for the summer. How much does this look cost? $18! Yup under $20 for everything!

What I use:

Eyeshadow: My by-far favorite pallet ever is this ‘Rose in the Air’ by Wet n’ Wild. You get this at Ulta Beauty for $4.99

Eyebrows: (First of all ☝🏽 I did those at 9am it’s now 2:45 I’m aware they could be better lol). But I use this super easy super smooth eyebrow stick by Wet n Wild. You can also find this at Ulta beauty $2.99

Eyeliner: are you ready for this? I’ve been using Elf Liquid Eyeliner F O R E V E R! It’s $2.00!!! It’s great quality, Black Black, and lasts me alllll day! Again you can find this at Ulta Beauty

Mascara: I guess you can say I splurge on my mascara, but I use Covergirl Falsies you can find it at most Drugstores for $7.99-10.99 but it’s almost always on sale and their always coupons!

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