Steam cleaning !

Hey guys so I just got in my Comforday Handheld Steam Cleaner. It’s very lightweight, versatile, and surprisingly powerful. It comes with 9 pieces, it’s handheld. And it got it on sale at Walmart for $24.99

Project #1

The laundry room bathroom! This bathroom is literally just a sink and a toilet. It’s downstairs in the laundry room and well, it gets gross sometimes. It’s not used very often.

Below you’ll see the grime that starts to build up around the faucet, all the dirt that’s made a home in the caulk molding (previous owners). There’s some splattered paint on the floor, a lot of stains, and stuck on dirt.


Now you can really see the difference in the molding around the floor, it got most of the Gunk out of it. I got 90% of the spots of blue paint out. All of that stuck on dirt came right out! I wasn’t able to get that mystery red spot out though. Hmmm… but you can really see a difference in the overall color of the floor. And the sink I mean it looks brand new!

Project #2

The spare fridge ahhhhh! Honestly we never use the “fridge” just the freezer are you ready for this nightmare??

I knew you weren’t ready….

Yup super gross. I know. Anywayyy. This steam cleaner is A M A Z I N G!!! With the brush attachment I was able to get into all the nooks and crannies!! Look at the handle this is with literally zero effort. Amazing right?

Are you ready for the final result?

Here you go…

Project #3 The Dehumidifier.



As you can see it got out all of that dust from those hard to get cracks. Unfortunately my swifter duster has failed many times in this task 😔 but here it is nice and clean and dust free 🙃

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