Extreme Couponing, September

Hey guys! So this week I put my coupon skills to the test and got a serious haul!


Pampers Cruisers

Orig. $12.99 ea

Sale: 2/ $18

Buy 4

Use 1 $3 off 2 coupon

Use 1 $2 off 1 coupon (Walgreens app)

Used One $5 Pampers Rewards Coupon

Redeemed $5 Balance Rewards

Total before coupons/discounts $51.96

Total Savings : $30.96

Final Price: $21.00 or $5.25ea

Listerine Nightly Reset

Orig. $5.99 ea

Sale: Buy 2 get one FREE

Buy 3

Use one $2 off 1 coupon (coupons.com)

Use one $2 off 1 coupon (Walgreens app)

Redeem on ibotta x3 $2 = $6 reward

Total before coupons/ discounts $17.97

Savings: $15.99

Final Price: $1.98 or $0.66 ea

Tide Detergent

Originally: $7.49 ea

Sale: $4.99 ea

Buy Two

Use 2 $2.00 off 1 tide coupon

Total before coupons $14.98

Savings $9.00

Final Price : $5.98 or $2.99 ea

Received $10 Balance Rewards


Dove Deodorant

Originally: $4.39 ea

Sale: Buy one get one 50% off

Redeemed $5 Extra Care Bucks

Total before discounts $8.78

Savings: $7.20

Final Price: $1.58 or 0.79 ea

Let’s See these Totals!

So, for 4 packs of diapers, 2 bottles of Tide, 3 bottles of Mouthwash, and 2 Dove Deodorants

Total before all coupons and discounts


What I actually paid?


After all my coupons, ECB, Balance Rewards, the $10 in Balance Rewards I earned, and my Ibotta Cash Back I saved $73.15!

How Krazy is that!

I hope you enjoyed 🙂

I’d love to see your couponing hauls 👇🏼

Comment below if you’ve gotten some Krazy Savings !

3 thoughts on “Extreme Couponing, September

    • Krazymommy18 says:

      I like to stock up and have at least 5 of all my stockpile items (shampoo, soap, detergent, dawn, diapers etc) so I only have to worry about it once or twice a month


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